Prime Minister Dr. Markus Söder at the Arberkirchweih

It was an impressive picture that presented itself on Sunday at the Bavarian Forest King: Thousands of visitors, among whom the representatives of the Bavarian Forest Association, the Waldgau, Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder and other political celebrities mingled at the traditional Arberkirchweih in the Cham district.

The President of the Bavarian Forest Association, Sebastian Gruber, confirmed that the oldest mountain celebration in the Bavarian Forest is particularly close to the heart of the Waidler. “Are we grateful, humble, joyful and also proud of our homeland today.” The Arberkirchweih is not about folksy things, but about down-to-earthness, a feeling for culture, customs, nature, and everything that can be derived from it in terms of innovative strength . The state government supports the Bavarian Forest significantly in many measures. “What you can’t buy with money is the solidarity of the people,” emphasized Gruber. “May strength, confidence, self-confidence, pride and gratitude emanate from this Arberkirchweih,” he wished.

Excerpt from the MittelbayerischeZeitung ( Click here for the article )