Summit adventure on the Großer Arber: Unveiling the magic of the Goldsteig

Discover the fascination of the Goldsteig

The Goldsteig is much more than just a hiking trail – it is an adventure that takes you through the breathtaking landscape of the Bavarian Forest. With a total length of over 660 kilometers, the Goldsteig offers an incomparable opportunity to experience the beauty of this region in all its facets.

Experience the Goldsteig and discover the magic of the Bavarian Forest in a unique way. It doesn’t matter whether you decide on the north or south route or dare the 8-thousand tour, the Goldsteig promises unforgettable adventures in the midst of an impressive natural landscape.

The stages and routes of the Goldsteig

The Goldsteig is divided into different stages, ranging from leisurely day hikes to challenging routes. The main route is divided into the “Goldsteig Nord” and the “Goldsteig Süd”. The “Goldsteig Nord” stretches over 300 kilometers from Marktredwitz to Passau. This route leads through the rough and wild beauty of the Upper Palatinate Forest and offers impressive views and nature experiences. The “Goldsteig Süd” extends over 360 kilometers from Passau to the Bavarian-Bohemian Friendship Trail and offers hikers the opportunity to explore the gentle mountain landscape of the Bavarian Forest.

Our tip: The Arberschutzhaus and the 8-thousand tour

An absolute highlight along the Goldsteig is the Arberschutzhaus, which sits enthroned at 1,456 meters on the summit of the Großer Arber. The Arberschutzhaus is the destination of the 8-thousand-tour, where you can climb eight peaks over 1,000 meters in a day’s hike. This challenge rewards you with breathtaking panoramic views and an incomparable sense of accomplishment.