The protectors of the mountains: The history of the mountain rescue service on the Großer Arber

A safe ascent to the heights of the Großer Arber is no coincidence. Behind the majestic peaks and picturesque landscapes hides a dedicated group of heroes – the Großer Arber Mountain Rescue Service. For many years they have been the invisible guardians of this majestic region and ensure that mountain lovers can explore the peaks safely and securely.

The beginnings of the mountain rescue service on the Großer Arber

The roots of the mountain rescue service at the Großer Arber go far back. The mountain rescue station on the Großer Arber was built as early as 1904 to protect hikers, skiers and nature lovers in the surrounding areas. Since then, the mountain rescue service has developed into an indispensable institution that has saved countless lives and freed people from difficult situations.

challenges and tasks

The tasks of the mountain rescue service on the Großer Arber are diverse and demanding. They range from rescuing lost hikers to helping with ski injuries and medical emergencies. The mountain rescue service members are excellently trained to provide first aid in the often impassable terrain of the Arber area and to bring people safely back to the valley. Her expertise also extends to rescue from alpine hazards such as avalanches, crevasses and rockfalls.

collaboration and dedication

The mountain rescue service at the Großer Arber works closely with other rescue organizations, the police and local authorities to ensure an efficient and coordinated rescue operation in an emergency. Their dedication to protecting visitors and locals alike is evident in their tireless efforts, day and night, in all weathers.

innovation and technology

With advances in technology, the Großer Arber Mountain Rescue Service has also steadily improved its methods and equipment. Modern means of communication, GPS tracking and specialized rescue tools enable the mountain rescue service members to react even faster and more precisely to emergencies.

An appeal to mountain lovers

While the mountain rescue service at the Großer Arber works tirelessly to ensure the safety of the people in the region, it is also the responsibility of mountain enthusiasts to be well prepared and to follow basic safety guidelines. Proper equipment, knowledge of the route and current weather, and sharing the planned climb with friends or family can help minimize the risk of accidents.


The mountain rescue service on the Großer Arber is an indispensable pillar of security in this impressive mountain region. Their long history, deep expertise and dedication are the reason people can explore the peaks with confidence. It is important to value their work while acting responsibly to ensure your own safety and that of others. On the next adventure on the Großer Arber, we know that the mountain rescue service is always watching over us.