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Behind the scenes ...

Arber-Bergbahn offers groups, clubs and school classes a special look behind the scenes. In our nature and technology tours, our Arber rangers give you an insight into the technical processes of the mountain railway and share interesting facts about the Großer Arber’s flora and fauna.

With an elevation of 1456 metres, the Großer Arber is one of the best-known destinations in the Bavarian Forest. As the only summit of the Bavarian Forest it reaches the climatic tree line, which is reflected both in its multiple reliefs and diverse nature. In the nature part of the tour on the summit of the Großer Arber, the Arber rangers tell you about these special features, the development of the Bavarian Forest, the ice age at the Arber and the resulting unique flora and fauna.

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Fee: 2.50 € per person // Free for school classes