[Translate to English:] Modernste Beschneiung für optimale Pisten

Modern and efficient - Our snow concept

Our fully automated snowmaking facility on Großer Arber was made by the South Tyrollean company Techno Alpin, the market leader in technical snow making. We have one of the most modern facilities in Germany and can ensure perfect snow conditions on all our slopes during the whole of the skiing season. The artificial snow is currently created by 50 machines. We are particularly proud that we only use drinking quality water for our snow.

It is atomised by the Techno Alpin machines and turned into first-class snow by the cold air on the Arber. This process is managed from the base station, where we can also establish the quality of the countless white flakes: we can chose from a range of nine settings from dry to wet.

This high level of control means that we can deliver the same quality of snow in any weather conditions so you get the perfect skiing experience!

Our technology for your winter wonderland

Our decision to give Jack Frost a helping hand has plenty of benefits for your fun in the snow. Because the snow is made artificially, it is considerably less vulnerable to short rain showers and temperature changes above freezing point. So you can carry on enjoying the slopes even in unexpected weather conditions.

The evenness of the snow coverage is a definite plus when it comes to safety for all skiers and snowboarders. The snow’s grip means that risk of injury due to falls is significantly decreased and your ride on skis or boards is noticeably smoother. Especially younger ski stars will appreciate this feature during their first attempts on the snow. Of course, you still need to make sure you and they have the right clothing and equipment for your own safety.

As well as these benefits for you as a guest, artificial snow also has positive ecological effects. Its even snow coverage means that the steel edges on skis and slope machines don’t damage the grass. Even during our busiest winter sports season, the slopes on the Großer Arber are protected so well that they are a beautiful bright green in the summer.