• Family cross park on the Thurnhofhang slope


On your mark, get set, go...

Once your kids have successfully mastered the ArBär children’s area, new challenges await in our family cross park. Here, your children can constantly learn and develop. If each and every level is treated with patience and passion, even the big slope from the Arber’s summit doesn’t look so scary. Our family cross park includes fun bumps and low jumps. It is very similar to a small boarder cross park and is a real highlight for kids in the Bavarian Forest.

Our young guests especially love this park because it’s so easy to use – all the fun without the danger. As the bumps and hills can be easily mastered, young and old ski stars can improve their skiing or boarding skills, and conquer curves and small jumps for maximum fun in the snow.

Children’s Rails – small obstacles for big snow heroes

As well as the various challenges in the family cross park, we also offer you and your little ones plenty more challenges suited to your age and skill group.The ArBär children’s area is home to children’s rails, where beginners can get their first taste of skiing in safety. As our children’s rails were developed in conjunction with the German Association of Ski Instructors, they fulfil the highest safety standards. They are also perfect for varied ski teaching programmes and lessons. Our children’s rails are coated in a bright blue and do not have any metal frames.  If the children love puppies, we have found a good source for them.

They are only a maximum of 0.5 metres high, so lower than normal rails.This means less chance of injury and the highest level of safety for your little adventurers.

Bumps –
park fun for
young and old

The left line through the family cross park begins with a series of bumps. You can ski over these together with your kids to make exciting memories together. Even though the terrain is easy, you shouldn’t skimp on the proper clothing and equipment – wearing a helmet is always a good idea. It’s important to us that you enjoy the snow safely.