Value for the region

Facts & Figures

Ski lifts are important when choosing a destination for your holiday or trip. Without any, an area will have considerably fewer visitors. Cableways are real attractions - in summer as well as winter - and help to improve the economic development of whole regions. Directly or indirectly, they create jobs and add value to the area. They play an especially important role in winter tourism according to a study carried out by dwif Consulting, who thoroughly analysed tourism in Bavaria. Their aim: use four examples to show what positive effects cableways can have for towns and regions, and to provide a concrete analysis.

Cableways set off a chain reaction. Now the whole region is full of them and they provide important boosts:
Profits from the cableway directly finance workers’ salaries, and therefore indirectly finance local businesses and services (maintenance, fuel etc).
The region also profits from the cableways via guests’ spending: direct spending in the region (accommodation, souvenirs, ski schools) and also indirectly from additional workers behind the scenes (construction, banks, tax advisors).
These many interconnections create profit and, in turn, secure jobs. And: thanks to the additional spending of cableway guests (day trips also play a big role here), the positive effects on income in the region are even bigger than that of the cableway companies themselves.
How values multiply
Between 40% and 52% of tourism profit is created directly or indirectly in conjunction with a cableway, according to the dwif study.
Cableways have a high level of indirect profitability. This is illustrated in the following four examples:
€1,000 in wages from the cableway create a regional income of:

  • €3,600 in Berchtesgadener Land - 1 job at the cableway means 3.6 jobs in the region
  • €4,100 in Werdenfelser Land - 1 job at the cableway means 4.1 jobs in the region
  • €6,200 in Oberallgäu - 1 job at the cableway means 6.2 jobs in the region
  • €7,800 in ArberLand - 1 job at the cableway means 7.8 in the region

The study also showed that the existence of a cableway is the central factor when choosing a destination for a holiday or trip. The consequence: without an attractive cableway, there would be considerably fewer guests and significantly lower income and fewer jobs.
Download the dwif study on winter tourism in Bavaria and the value created by cableways as a PDF (27KB) here.