Since 1965 - The Arber Parish Fair

On the third Sunday in August of each year, the Großer Arber is home to the oldest mountain celebration in the Bavarian Forest.

Ever since 1965, the second to last Sunday in August has been the date of the Arber parish fair at the Arber Chapel, under the summit of the Großer Arber.

The visitors gather around the Arber’s summit for mass (starting at 10:30).
They then head directly to the two mountain lodges (Eisensteiner Hütte and the Arber Refuge) beneath the gondola.

Here, they enjoy a colourful festival with music, singing and dancing. The colourful traditional dress gives this festival a special atmosphere, making this day at the summit of the Bavarian Forest an unforgettable experience for any visitors.

Arber Parish Fair Dates:

2017 - 20. August
2018 - 19. August
2019 - 18. August
2020 - 23. August