• The Großer Arber
    King of the Bavarian Forest


Four rocky peaks with breathtaking views in all directions

From the summit area, visitors can take in views of the whole Bavarian Forest. The Großer Seeriegel offers views towards the south and east, as well as the Großer Arbersee lake directly below. Further south, you can see the Rachel, the Lusen and even the Austrian Alps on clear days. There is a fantastic view to the east of Bayerisch Eisenstein and Želesna Ruda (Bohemian Eisenstein), with the Panzer on the Czech side and Großer Falkenstein on the German side.

The striking Richard-Wagner-Kopf peak offers views to the south and the west. On days when the Föhn wind blows, hikers are treated to spectacular views of the Austrian and Bavarian Alps. The Kleiner Seeriegel is also the highest point in Upper Palatinate at 1,438 metres high. Just 40 metres north, there is a natural viewing area with views of the Kleiner Arbersee and the whole of the Lamer Winkel, with the Osser in the background.

At 1,456 metres high, the Großer Arber is the highest mountain in the Bavarian-Bohemian mountain range and has been called the ‘King of the Bavarian Forest’. The Großer Arber and the forests up to Bayerisch Eisenstein belong to the royal Hohenzollern estate.

Its nature also gives it special status:
Its high density of natural phenomena make AberLand a priceless treasure. The Rißloch waterfalls, various moors, glacial lakes with steeply sloping banks, and the natural forests give this unspoilt area its distinctive character. The bare Arber summit is also a peculiarity, with flora and fauna not found anywhere else in the Bavarian border mountains. Large areas of the Arber region were listed as protected in 1939 to retain their unique character.