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Embark on a magnificent tour and discover the Bavarian Forest!

Known as ‘the green roof of Europe’, the Bavarian Forest will enchant you with its impressive landscape and range of hiking options. This cross-border area stretches from Upper Franconia, through the Upper Palatinate to Lower Bavaria, Bohemia and Austria. You can discover real treasures while hiking between these many inviting destinations: marvel at the jagged peaks of striking mountain ranges striving towards the sky. Be enchanted by ice-age relics, where rare animals and plants find their home. Or embark on a fantastic journey through mystical moors, along rushing rivers and glacial lakes. All these wonderful natural spectacles await in the Bavarian Forest!


With its 1,456 metre high summit, the Arbermassiv area of our Großer Arber is an especially attractive place for a hike. You’ll have plenty of chances to discover the beauty of ‘Europe’s green roof’ and embark on exciting tours. Whether you fancy a gentle walk or a challenging day of hiking on one of the many Goldsteig paths, the many facets of the Bavarian Forest and our Großer Arber are sure to enchant you.


Tour suggestions:

Direkt von der Talstation der Gondelbahn beginnen zwei unterschiedliche Wanderwege zum Gipfel des Großen Arber:


  • A-Wanderweg - leichte Tour
    Wanderung zum Arber Gipfel, über Sonnenfelsen, Arberebene und Schmugglerweg, Dauer ca. 1,5 Stunden
  • B-Wanderweg - schwere Tour
    Wanderung zum Arber Gipfel, über Brennesfichte, Osthang, Dauer ca. 2 Stunden

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Rundwanderweg auf dem Gipfelplateau mit herrlicher Aussicht über den Bayerischen Wald und Böhmerwald.
Entlang dieses Weges sind Informationstafeln zu finden, auf denen Sie Wissenswertes zu Flora und Fauna
des Großen Arbers nachlesen können. Dauer ca. 1 Stunde


Startort: Bergstation Großer Arber
Länge: 2,0 km
Dauer: 00:45 h

The staring point is the functional building (cross-country and Nordic Walking centre) in Bretterschachten on Arberseestraße. Parking is available. It’s just a little walk along Arberseestraße to Hiking Trail 1 (red square).

Follow this uphill in a northerly direction to the Schotterweg path and then further towards the west. After around a kilometre, you will join Hiking Trail 1 (green square). Both trails are identical from here.

An unpaved trail climbs steadily upwards in a northerly direction to Mittagsplatzl. Here, you can take a break and enjoy the panoramic view of Lake Großer Arbersee and Bayerisch Eisenstein, and even all the way to the Czech Republic on a clear day.

After a short descent along the Arbersee lake wall, there is a final steep climb. After you’ve traversed the Arbersteig’s steps, you’ll be rewarded for your effort with wonderful views in all directions.

The Arber Refuge is a popular resting point. It’s best to only sit outside on very warm days, as the wind keeps the temperature low.

For your return journey, you can choose from many hiking trails that lead back to Bodenmais, Brennes or the Arber mountain railway base station. Alternatively, you can take the mountain railway down to the base station. From there, and from Brennes, you can get the bus back to Bodenmais or the starting point in Bretterschachten.



Start: Bretterschachten Functional Building
Length: 8km
Duration: 2 hours, 20 minutes

At 660 kilometres, the Goldsteig is the longest certified quality hiking trail in Germany. An excellent guiding system, picturesque landscapes and welcoming hosts make this one of the ‘Top Trails of Germany’. This long-distance trail travels through the whole of the Upper Palatinate Forest and the Bavarian Forest on two routes to Passau:

Hikers can either take the 286 kilometre challenging north path through the Bavarian Forest National Park, or the moderate 243 kilometre-long southern path. You can also swap using the Pröller-Eck-Großer Arber, or the Ilztal links that connect the two.

Despite its considerable length, the Goldsteig is not just for long-distance hikers. There are numerous star tours, summit hikes and day hikes along the main path and its many access routes.


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The starting point for this ridge walk is the Berggasthof Eck in Arrach. From here, the well signposted path (marked E6; European long-distance footpath) leads via the Mühlriegel and the Ödreiegel towards the Waldwiesmaterl. This idyllic route continues along the ridge to Schwarzeck and via the Reischflecksattel to Heugstatt. The Enzien, and finally the Kleiner Arber, lead to the highest peak of the 8 Thousand, the Großer Arber. The area between Mühlriegel and the Großer Arber is a grouse reserve - so please make sure you stay on the path! If startled, grouse can lose a lot of energy, and even die. From autumn until December, you can see how the grouse leave their shelter and feed on low-energy tree needles. The fascinating spectacle of nature will accompany you all the way to your destination of Großer Arber. In the higher parts of the hike, you can still see traces of Hurricane Kyrill, which ravaged the area in 2007. The forest’s slow regeneration offers far-reaching views of the whole area. Especially in autumn, the Goldsteig boasts fantastic views of a colourful forest. From Schwarzeck and Großer Arber, you can look out across the Bavarian and Bohemian forests. On clear days, you are treated to a fantastic panoramic view all the way to the Alps. Don’t forget to bring your camera to document this amazing nature at work!


Shorter Hiking Route

If you haven’t got enough time, or you only want to take a short hike, you can walk from Eck, via Mühlriegel and Ödriegel, up to Waldwiesmaterl and take a short-cut via the forest farms (L6).


Start: Gasthaus Eck
Length: 18km
Duration: 8 hours

Connections: Hiking bus line 618, RBO 6065 (mid-May until October 31st) from Lam to Eck. Please check the timetables! Take the 6080 bus from the Arber mountain railway base station to Brennes and back.

Lamer Winkel, between Osser and Arber (ISBN 978-3-932115-32-5)