• The story of our ArBär


Once upon a time....

The ArBär was born many, many years ago. During the last ice age here on the Großer Arber, he retreated to a cave to hibernate. Just a few years ago, the staff at the Arber Bergbahn found the bear’s hiding place, and woke him up. The ArBär bear and the Arber Bergbahn team became fast friends, and he decided to stay on the Großer Arber forever more. From that moment on, he used his warmth and cuddly fur to bring a smile to the face of every single one of our visitors.

The ArBär bear likes to spend his time with his bear friends on the Arber, the king of the Bavarian Forest. In summer, he loves to go on hikes and ride the gondola. In winter, he loves to ski and hurtle into the valley on a toboggan.