• Touring on Großer Arber


Dear tourers and snowshoe hikers,

After skiing hours, all slopes on the Arber are closed for maintenance with cabled snow groomers by order of the Bayerisch Eisenstein council. Tourers and snowshoe hikers can, however, ascend and descend the eastern slope extension (‘G’ slope) between 16:30 and 22:00, as the snow groomers maintain the eastern slope extension from 22:00.

For safety reasons, we must inform you that accessing any other Arber slopes during maintenance by cabled snow groomers is incredibly dangerous and could even result in death.

Background information for tourers and snowshoe hikers:

Touring and snowshoe hiking on the Arber has become a very popular evening hobby. That’s why the Arber Bergbahn came up with this solution for tourers and snowshoe hikers so that required works using cabled machines and the ban on general access during maintenance hours can be upheld while still letting tourers enjoy their hobby.

At the suggestion of the Mountain Rescue team or tour insiders, the ‘G’ eastern slop extension can be used for ascending and descending with tour skiers with the ARBER-BERGBAHN’s permission. The same applies for snowshoe hikers.

The ARBER-BERGBAHN begins maintenance work using normal snow groomers and cabled snow groomers at 16:30 for all slopes on the Arber - apart from the eastern slope extension (slope ‘G’). The ARBER-BERGBAHN only begins maintenance work on this slope at 22:00. Up until 22:00, tourers and snowshoe hikers can ascend the eastern slope extension and make a pit stop at the Arber Refuge before embarking on their descents. The tourers must, of course, descend to the valley station using the eastern slope extension to avoid coming face to face with cabled snow groomers. There are cabled snow groomers all over the other slopes, and accessing closed areas would be incredibly dangerous.

The ARBER-BERGBAHN team would like to reiterate that their safety liability as a lift operator ends at 16:30 with the end of regular ski hours. Anyone accessing the eastern slope extension afterwards does so at their own risk - tourers are aware of this. This regulation only applies to the eastern slope extension, and not to any other slopes on the Arber.

This should provide a good solution for tourers and snowshoe hikers within the guidelines issued by the Bayerisch Eisenstein council, while avoiding possible accidents involving cabled snow groomers.