• Ski service
    on the Großer Arber


Our ski service for your comfort

Want to give your old skis a makeover? With our fully automated system, we can offer you top services – you can even have your own skis professionally sanded.

The steel edges regain their grip and the coating is properly waxed to ensure your skis pivot more easily to noticeably improve your curve game. After a professional ski service, your time on the Großer Arber slopes will be double the fun.

€20 - Standard Service

Edge grinding, coating repair, remove structure and waxing.

€31 - Deluxe Service

Special finishing touch, edge grinding, repair of major damage to the coating, waxing.

General terms and conditions for ski service on Großer Arber:

  • Our ski services are limited (depends on the capacity of our sanding machine)
  • If your board or skis are too damaged, we cannot offer a service for technical reasons
  • Edge sanding, bottom edge tuning, cover sanding and waxing will be carried out to the technical abilities of a sanding machine
  • If you have a complaint, please inform us in the ski centre on Großer Arber on the same day
  • Certain bond types on your skis can prevent a service from being carried out